Startup Visa Info Guide

Work Restrictions

If a Startup Visa application is made within the UK before a previous Tier 4 leave expires, the student can work under the terms of the previous student leave whilst the Startup Visa application is being considered by the Home Office. If the student has completed their course, this time will be considered as vacation time so the student can work full-time, however the restrictions in place from the student’s Tier 4 leave concerning the types of employment they are able to undertake continue to remain in place until the new visa is granted.

When the Start-up visa application is granted, the applicant is allowed to set up their business (not before) and, in addition to this, can also take employment. The number of hours per week that can be worked is unrestricted (you are not allowed to work as a doctor or dentist in training or as a professional sportsperson) but please note that Coventry University expects an entrepreneur to dedicate the majority of their time to starting and developing their business. Entrepreneurs should get advance clearance for taking up employment and risk withdrawal of sponsorship if they fail to do so.

If there is any doubt about when to start working on the business, wait until the Home Office has granted permission to stay under the Startup visa. This is because the applicant remains subject to student work conditions until the Startup Visa leave has been granted and student conditions prohibit self-employment.


The following family members can apply to be the dependant of an entrepreneur in the UK:

  • spouse or civil partner
  • unmarried partner or same sex partner who is not a civil partner
  • children aged under 18 if they are outside the UK
  • children of any age if they are applying in the UK and they currently have immigration permission as a dependant and are not leading an independent life.

The amount of money dependants must show is £630 per person. The money must have been held for 90 days consecutively before the date of the application. The policy guidance for Startup Visa lists the forms of acceptable evidence of funds.

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