Startup Visa Info Guide

Who can apply, Funding Requirements, How much it costs

What is it?

The Startup Graduate Entrepreneur scheme is designed to give students that have recently successfully completed a degree level, or higher course, at Coventry University or Coventry University London (referred to as Coventry University hereafter), and that have a ‘genuine and credible business idea and entrepreneurial skills”, the opportunity to develop this within the UK with the support of the University.

Information about this scheme is available in the Government’s Startup Visa guidance

Who can apply?

Students who have completed an undergraduate degree level course or higher at Coventry University and have had their business idea successfully assessed by Coventry University’s Enterprise team can make an application under this category.

It is possible to apply either within the UK, provided you have current valid leave under Tier 4. It is also possible to apply from overseas.

Coventry University can sponsor only a limited number of applicants under the Startup Visa and the standard expected of applicants is high.

When should I apply?

Applicants must first show a viable business proposal and demonstrable qualities as an entrepreneur before Coventry University will support their application. This will typically take a minimum of 3 months before an endorsement letter is issued. The formal application will then take a further 2 months. (Please refer to the Typical Timeline for the various steps).

Students should plan to make their application from outside the UK, unless they can complete the business assessment process and successfully pass the endorsement panel at least one month before the end date of their Tier 4 General visa.

Once Coventry University has assessed an application and is willing to sponsor an applicant under the Startup Visa, it will issue a Letter of Endorsement. An endorsement letter is valid for three months from the date of issue, so the applicant must make a visa application before the validity of the letter expires. Coventry University may not be able to issue a new letter if the applicant fails to make an application within the required time-frame.

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